1-On-1 Coaching 

Turn your DREAMS into your REALITY.

Whatever you've been dreaming of, and for however long, now is the time to go and get it.

I believe in you.  Now, let's get you believing in yourself, setting goals, taking action, and being SO UNBELIEVABLY MOTIVATED that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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Keynote Speaking 

I want nothing more than to get your event BOUNCING!

I'll bring my infectious crazy and contagious enthusiasm and take your audience from general agreement to roaring readiness, from simply having a want to truly believing they can make it happen.

Through a tale of inspiration, determination, being yourself, and your best self, mixed with far too many song quotes and often a piano, your audience will be ready to go, go, and go some more.

Keynote Speaking - Find Out More

I have had the pleasure of having Alex speak at an event I attended.  Alex was so upbeat, funny, and lifted our spirits.  He not only brought energy, but also was hugely inspiring too.  

Would highly recommend!

Ami Ford

Who Am I?

I am Alex McNeice.  After being told by far too many people that “It’s too early for your energy”, or being asked “Can I have some of what you’re having”, or people asking “How do you do it all?  How have you got the energy?” I realised my true calling in life.  To GET PEOPLE GOING.

I truly believe there is more in all of us to give.  I believe we all have hopes, dreams, and desires that it would be criminal to not shoot for.  I don’t want to look back and wonder the big “What If?”, and I don’t want you to either!

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Neecy Jones

Alex has continuously motivated me with his incredible energy.

Add to that his musical talent and you have a winning combination of motivation others!

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I had the delight of working with Alex.  He was a very attentive listener and provided great feedback and recommendations which has helped me grow and develop since.  He couples great listening with empathy and pragmatic, actionable steps which is a very good combination to have when motivating people.

Thank you for all your hard work and effort Alex.  It is very much appreciated.

Nila Tana