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It's Showtime

Alex's solo show is an epic journey in Musical Theatre, Disney, Animation, and Musical Film.  Full of energy, fun, requests, and sheer enthusiasm for the world of musicals, this show is waiting for you to jump in and enjoy!

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Choir Leader

Lets All Sing Together!

Alex leads two amazing singing groups:

The Showtime Choir - the choir for anyone who loves singing, gorgeous harmony, and (most importantly) MUSICALS!

The Melody Makers Collective - daytime singing groups for everybody!  Singing songs old and new, and simply getting together to enjoy music.

The Real Power Of Music

Music changes lives!

Alex passionately believes that music have real power, the power to change lives for the better.  Through his community organisation, The Real Power Of Music, aAlex brings music to those who need it most, teaches about how people can use music positively in their lives, and works to further understanding in the field of Music, Health, and Wellbeing.

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